Repect, Revere, Fear? Teachers, God.

Here I am again. I have to write this post though I am afraid that the persons involved on the rather negative side will see this.

Anyhow, a comment made about being nice to teachers by my teacher to my comment (deliberate sentence structure) has been bugging me. I wish I can think and respond faster with people like her. 

We were having a “mock” discussion about Religion, Morality, and Evolution; and I tried to explain the “fear of God,” expounded by my other classmate as “reverence,” in my own words. I hope I didn’t dig a hole for myself back there and then. *sigh

I could have used other examples but I used teachers. I could have worded it in a different way but I didn’t know how. I said that it’s like having a good teacher who is good to you and you do the best as you can for yourself and for the teacher because you respect the teacher. In other words, they’re the kind of people that inspires you to be better and better. 

She said along the lines of Well then, you are motivated by grades. 

I kept quiet, because it hit me that it might be true but at the back of my mind I know it’s more than that. I thought of Mr. Mark who really understands his students and are we motivated by grades? Nope. Oh! Just have an epiphany! If she thinks that students are being nice to teachers because they are motivated by grades, doesn’t mean that if I am nice, it will make a difference to my grades. But Canadian teachers here are known for their fairness. (I shall find you the link)

But the more I thought about it, the more I disagree with her. 

Prior to coming here, I was in the government school and homeschooling centres. 

And I’ve had amazing teachers to not-so-amazing teachers. I am at this age where I see and recognize teachers as people and not just distant superiors. I have numerous relatives who are teachers and headmasters, and other people in these professions would come to my mom’s (then) boutique to buy clothes. From kindergarten I saw my teacher as a friend, which got me into trouble when I transited to Standard 1.

When I went into *homeschooling* , I’ve encountered many teachers. Our grades are ALL test based, so there are no assignements that would affect our marks. There’s the senior supervisor that we really dislike because a lot of times she’s presposterous and biased (we think she supports guys more). Though I have several good times with her, and I remembered some wise words from her, I don’t fancy her as much as I do to other teachers.

There’s Teacher Janet and Uncle Kevin, who are not only my teachers, but also my friend and mentors. They connected with me person to person. And I am very respectful of them in a teenager’s way. They’ve inspired me to be better because they believed in me and have constantly encouraged me, and they went into great lengths to help me understand my work. I won’t want to let them down, but I know that even if I do let them down, they’ll be there. They see the bad parts of me but chose to stay.

There’s Ps Stephanie, my former centre’s principal. Though she’s the principal, she was also my teacher for my last year in high school. I respect her because her dedication to helping me understand math and science is way beyond what any teacher would do. Since I was one of her first Grade 12 student and am very inquisitive and seek to gain a full understanding, I would ask for help to understand fully. She would then do her research, ask her doctor church member (Hybridization), and sit down and work out math problems at her home just so that she would be able to teach me the next day (teacher Janet did the same). And when we have chapel in our class, she would be really transparent about her flaws, pasts, and struggles and tell us how she overcame it through God. We could identify with her. We know her. 

There’s also Uncle Kevin, who came into my dark night and offered to help me. He was from my first centre’s the branch in USJ, he came to Klang for a while but I barely talk to him when he was in Klang. A lot of things occurred after that and we somehow bumped into each other again and he either he asked how I was doing or he knew how I was doing and he offered to help. Who would do that? He has a really fatherly heart. A lot of students respect him in their way and won’t want to disppoint him because they heart him so much. He inspired them to be better and better.

I really liked Mr. Murphy, my semester 1 ENG4U teacher, because he’s really approachable and open and he’s willing to share his wealth of knowledge with you in a very non-threatening way. He’s retired now but he’s my Facebook friend and he sent me a picture of a cake for my birthday. I really enjoyed his company. He doesn’t tell me off when I fell asleep right infront of him when he read Much Ado About Nothing and doesn’t get angry (but got a little frustrated) at me snooping around. I really respect him because he inspired me to be a better student. Though I talk to him a whole lot and bugged him a whole lot, my other classmates who spent little time talking to him got higher grades. Sure, having good terms with a teacher in a system that is assignment based is vital but there’s more to it than that.

I really like Mr. Mark, my Writer’s Craft teacher. I think almost all of his students likes and admires him. He understands his students, he could identify with them. Class is almost pressure-free because he’s that good. This class of mine is more of watching videos, reading articles, and the get down to work. Almost everyday, laughters filled the class. Though there are assignments that will stretch you, you will find some joy and fun doing it deep down because you won’t want to disappoint an excellent teacher who is good to you. 

I heart all my leacturers a lot except her. I can feel the pressure and her assignments, are not fun to hand up and there’s little joy in doing it. And I am not allowed to sleep in her class, “Sher Wyn, you are not allowed to sleep in my class.” she said just now as I struggle to stay awake for the 10 minutes of class….with only 3 hours of sleep because I am running out of time doing her assignment. Well,I stayed up for other assignments as well, but still. 

When Mr Z thought me International Business the previous semester, I could sleep towards the end of the class (to me at that time, it seem like there’s a long way to go, but I remembered listening to the recording again when I was studying for finals and found that it was towards the end of class.) You know what he said? It went along the lines of, and that’s a wrapped! it’s Monday and I know everyone’s tired, so we’ll end here. 

There are two guys who will lean their heads against the wall and Zzz

There’s so much more but nvm, connect the dots yourself.