4th July

I came anyhow even when there’s only a 1 hour assembly that I was interested in participating. There was no orientation initiation like the 1st semester. Since then I have been in the computer lab…for at least four hours now? It’s unhealthy for my eyes, my butt, and my legs. I tumblr-ed alot and queued a number of posts. 6 pages. 15 posts in each page. Several times, I thought I could stop and perhaps write – but at that moment I would see a quote or a picture in my drafts/queue and remembered some other pictures in drafts/queue that I could connect with. Ah! I’m done for the day for now.

I wish that I won’t feel hungry even if I don’t eat. These days, I feel like the aliens in The Neighbors who fill their alien stomachs just by looking at pictures of food. I don’t feel like eating the foods here…unless they don’t cost much. Little little tid bits would add up to quite a sum of money and before I know it I would have spent close to 10 bucks – something I discovered in the 1st semester.

Saw the new lecturers. Ah! my Habit of recording. Finally saw a talent night video. I took me a while to recognize and know for sure that the song used was Are You Ready? Please, musicians. Come and replace me. I am unworthy.

Jokes by Mr Grandy

Why did the student bring the letter ladder to school?

Because he’s going to high school.

Why did the student throw the watch out the window?

Because he wants to see time fly!


What is the teacher’s favourite nation?


Mr Eric – What is the student’s favourite nation?



After all the teachers introduced themselves, I realize that you can’t judge a book by its cover. (I WILL WORK ON NOT USING CLICHES). I say this because I know enough (not much, but enough) about them. Some may look VERY SERIOUS, but can be the funniest of them all.  Things like that. But they’re all really beautiful people. When I look at the color of their hair, I thought about the YouTube videos that reenact the honest questions Asians, Africans, and Caucasians ask each other.

Oh!omg. Mr ES saw a thread jutting out of my friend’s blouse and he attempted to break it free but he couldn’t. So he took out his what-we-call – “Lighter” and burned the thread off! SO COOOL.


One last joke Mr Peter left out (but told us) before I sign off to check out the Independence Day booths at the energy hub.

What do you call a laughing mayonnaise?




3rd July

Here am I back in college. Study life would resume on Monday. I’m tired because I barely slept. One thing I learnt about myself is that I will need to do things like writing and posting pictures – immediately, if not I might not do it at all.

Student debt. My fees would first be paid by my first (paternal) uncle. Grandfather’s funds. He had stated a few times that he’s looking for someone to manage it and instead of managing it, I’m borrowing from it first.


Now’s 12:46. Lemme go snoop around on the third floor. Then head to the library to sleep.

Con’t (Update – written the next day).

When I went to the third floor, I found that the orientation class I crashed in earlier was empty – I had to jump to look through the window (didn’t want to peep). Right after, I saw the two teachers that were overseeing that class, one was my previous IB teacher the other is a new teacher, a lady. I was a little embarrassed. I asked, “Where’s everybody?”

One of them replied, “Oh they’re in SE 3 14. But they’re doing the EPT so it might be little dry for you…”

I didn’t crash the class……it’d be awkward. =P

Then I wandered about, to check out the location of LT 7 and in the midst of doing so I discovered some spots I did not notice before. Then I went back down to the library to find out the location of the textbook for the social science subject I will be doing.

In the morning, I went in and out of the guidance office – to offer my services (I was asking for this to do for the day but ended up offering my service for the rest of the semester if ever help is needed. This was preceded by a series of events and conversations with a very friendly admin staff whose name I did not know. She ask me to find out myself, for her name appears on the announcements…but later on, she blurted out her name when she was giving me ideas on how to speak to the counselor to offer my services). =D

I came to college for the new intake’s orientation because I wanted to get use to the study life again as well as to spend my time on something more productive…(well,spending time in dreamland is quite productive in its own way though).

I helped a little to stick the name list on the board…(I wonder know who (other than me) read that thing). Then I hung around until Ms L ask me to follow a batch of students up to the third floor. We took the stairs and I did not feel tired (as I normally would) because I met my previous teachers and we had some small talk. Somehow, as we all talked and trailed along, my IB teacher extended the invitation to spend some time in the class.

On a side note: I am writing these because it was said that Einstein and other super smart people write their journal meticulously. Gosh, this is tiring. However, though “Memories are too precious to be forgotten” this is tiring. I’m hungry. But in this next semester, the subjects which I’ve selected are all of the arts/social science. I need to warm up the engine. Ahhhhhh! Thanks, quotes/sayings about writing.

The orientation class was enjoyable. A while ago, I overheard someone talking about the difference between first and second/third semester students. The latter have a sense of ownership – as in we act like the college is our home and we behave freely. However, the freshies’ restrict themselves more.

I hope I wasn’t annoying in that class. I didn’t know there’s a Guangzhou Gwangju (6th largest city in South Korea) near the Southwest Coast of South Korea.

Shanghai Calling!

Ah, the sun has risen and is shooting down its rays on the left part of me.

Till then!

I encounter sentence tense problems frequently.


I passed the OSSLT! Yay.

I didn’t expect to get the score which I got because of a few reasons; one of it is that it was very much lower than the mock test’s. Then I screen through other people’s scores and I realized that my score is fine; at this point I realize that my score is higher than I expected. I couldn’t remember what I had to write for the opinion essay but I know that I labored over my news report. I was satisfied with my short answer questions (until my IB teacher said that – at this point, NOW- I remembered something –

We can’t *really* compare our results because the test questions ARE NOT ALL THE SAME.

con’t from where I was interrupted by this realization,

I had a short answer question which all my other friends were not asked – if I was to go back in time to witness a historical moment, what would I choose. I was telling my IB classmates/teacher about it. My IB teacher said that it might be a guinea pig question that does not account for any marks.

I guess this is all for this morning. I am sooooo tired (sleepy). I should get going now to have a heavy breakfast for choir practice (which I thought I wasn’t going for). It’ll be from 10 to 2. The most cost efficient food I could eat is chicken rice….but the MSG might cause me to be sleepier. After breakfast, I intend to wait at the rendezvous practice room for the others to go and get the piano (main reason I wanna go along to get the piano – to see my IB teacher to ask whether my summative is marked. I handed in late it will be penalized for it from the 30% of my finals. AH! I hope my results would be no less than a 90. Oh have mercy.

Till then



Update: I found out that the full mark is 400 instead of a 500 that was for the mock. 040614

So I was working on this assignment…

Today, I did not sleep before my IB class. Woohoo! Because I was working on some novel analysis thing for my English course which was dued today. After IB I didn’t go and fellowship and eat with my friend and her friends at the canteen because I was working on the assignment. I went for my next class a little later than usual because I was working on the assignment. It’s alright because my lecturer gives about 10 mins grace period. In that class, I was given a new assignment. A MAJOR assignment because I have to make a “How-to video” by myself…I wish I have bros or sis that could assist me in this. I still have no decided what am I going to do. There will be no late submissions and this assignment accounts for 30% of my final grade.

I planned what I was going to eat the day before – Chee Chong Fan. But when I was at the Canteen, there was a booth selling lunch boxes at RM 1 ! That is about USD 0.30. I like vegetarian char siew! but today, I ate the most siao bai chai in a day this year. I bought two boxes. It comes with a bread and a bottle of water too. But i didn’t take the water. Then I had a small serving of Cintan maggie curry noodles. I wanted to take it myself at first when I bought my lunchbox, but I couldn’t carry anymore stuffs. Thank God I was carrying a paper bag with me. But then, a guy came around with the tray of samples!


Then I continue to work on my assignment in the library, it took me a while to finally settle down on a stop. I met my classmate; she also have not finished. She didn’t have lunch. Then my other friend came and was looking at design and pop-up cards books in front of me. Then it was time for English. My lecturer read the whole of Act 4 by himself and I dozed off several times. Then more due dates. I have a collage (by free will) dued on Thursday and I have not even started. I need to plan it out soon.

After class, my lecturer said that I am snoopy. I immediately think of Snoopy and I said I like Snoopy. He said I shouldn’t look at other people’s stuffs, it’s not nice. I said I look at their stuffs to know what is required of me (furthermore they have no problems with it and sometimes I asked for permission first).

Since the start of the study of Much Ado About Nothing, I could not record my English class.

After class, I ate from the other lunch box I bought. Then I went down to the canteen to participate in some “Like us on FB” and you’ll get a voucher and/or Free JustTea. And that was how I got a voucher which I would not spend on and a FreeDrink worth RM 1.60. I didn’t like the page for the latter though, the girl went, “now that I’ve given you….you don’t have to like it.” when I enquired of her. I think if someone else attended to me, I’d have to give some info.

Then I struggled to finish. So I didn’t. Meanwhile, diff small groups of students wanted to use the classroom which we were using and they would ask “Are you having a class?” But since my friend and I are working on an assignment and we need the place to be quiet (the activities they would do are noisy ones) they left on their on intuition. But Soule came in to do his ISU assignment as well.

My friend and I decided to print our assignment at home because it costs 10 cents per paper and she has more than 10 pages and I have about 9. When you print something on both sides, it’s 20 cents. We could turn it in on turnitin and give him the assignment tomorrow. I printed mine in colooorrrr! and on both sides. If I were to print it in college, I would need to spend at least 5 ringgit to top up my ID card. And when would I print my assignment in college again? If I knew earlier that this assignment is not an in-class thing I would’ve done it earlier. This is the first time I am this last minute.

I tried to work on the same assignment in the bus but it was too bumpy and I was tired and there was no jam. I called my mom and I found out that she would be late. So I work on the assignment on the hot and roll stall’s (table/ whatever you call that). I finished at around 7.30 and had some time to check through some parts.

The battery went out so I packed my laptop. RIGHT AFTER THAT, my mom appeared.

Yay, God!


this week’s holiday is no holiday. It’d be all about ASSIGNMENTS. urgh. and studying for FINALS

Thank YOU

Last week had been the crazy week…it was the most overwhelming week I can remember in the history of me in college.

A quiz on (last) Friday, an assignment dued, duties cell group……at the same time was really bothered by some comments that mother made, and there was the rehearsal on Sunday night, and the real show in a week’s time.

I felt really helpless…just thinking about it. The problem was with the thinking about it and the emotions that came with it. pms

I think it was before English class on Thursday, I was in the library (i think)…the only thing I remember was me resting my head on my arms on the table, closing my eyes, crying out, “Help me, help me God. Help me.”

(I need to learn to be more descriptive)

Then the lecturer told us that the assignment is postponed – I was so stressed on those days that I forgot the word postponed. So now the assignment would be dued on Wednesday. What a relief!

Last last sunday, the youth were told that there would be no youth service for the rest of the month! It is a relief because I was on duty and I couldn’t ask anyone to replace me because I didn’t want to bother my friends, they have assignments and a lot of things going on too and if they were to replace me, I won’t be able to replace them soon. Some of them are playing two instruments, so if they were to replace me….they won’t have a break. And if there is no youth service…they won’t be cell on Good Friday. Ok, where’s the logic. But yeah.

The musical is this weekend and I want to be as stress free as possible.

To ease of the stress, I bought and ate my favorite foods. Seaweed! and tried Za Jiang Mien. I went to the mall, which is right beside the campus, and ate the nitrogen ice cream on discount and try new cheap foods and look at groceries.

My friends also tried to speak sense into my mind. Thanks, girls. =D


After I cried out, Help me, Help me. God, please help me…one thing after another came crumbling down and I felt more liberated. I also divine appointment-ly came across songs that spoke for me and spoke to me. Thank You, Yahweh.


Received my mid-terms result, English has the lowest mark yet. UGH, essays. I am thankful that I have quite a lot of freedom with my independent assignment. I could voice my faith and what I believe in more freely because my lecturer is a Catholic or an Anglican….I’ve forgotten. He told me in a story format. HAh

Enquired about the degree. Is it really what You want for me? You will reveal to me in Your time. 8 months.

Library is giving away books this Friday.


Tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday. I’d have to take the bus….Oh God, protect me. and, enable me. Please.


The Pen that Drives

A couple of weeks ago, I had an assignment – present the 3rd Chapter of The Great Gatsby with two other team members. I divided that chapter into 3 parts and I landed myself with the first part.

On Monday, my presentation went well, my classmates liked it a lot.

On Tuesday, when I was in the college’s bus en route to college in the dark of the morning, I realized that I had forgotten my pendrive –  I was printing out the chapter’s glossary I was supposed to distribute to my classmates before I left my house.

If only I had a wireless printer, if only that one teammate of mine had given me his vocabulary list earlier – and his vocabulary list consists of only three words! THREE! (note: I am not that bothered by it now, the exclamation mark is deliberately added for effect) I will find out later that he didn’t read through his slides or let alone the book. He had trouble pronouncing them and it was obvious that he didn’t know the meaning of a whole lot of other words. I was very annoyed I had to make that discovery only when he was presenting his part. It’s okay, since the lecturer assessed us individually. He got 7 marks less than me. My other teammate, whom I am very impressed with, got only ONE mark higher than him. I think he deserved more than that, he was so much more prepared! And we actually went through the slides together. =(

So I called my mom and asked her whether does she have any appointment near my college. No. She doesn’t. Then I told her that most probably I will tell my lecturers that I left my pendrive at home. I had another assignment dued – Adobe Illustrator thingy. Little did I know that it was okay not to pass up that day because it was officially dued much later. I thought I need to hand it in because the previous class handed it in to their lecturer the day before that. Now I know better – that my lecturer is more flexible.

Then it occurred to me that my parents can actually email it to me. So, during the period of time when I usually sleep, I directed my parents how to email the files to me as attachments, It took quite a while because there was some problems logging in to the email. Despite telling my father to use other email addresses that my mother and I had, he had insisted on finding his, then he tried using one of mine but it didn’t work. So finally, he finally resorted to my mother’s email address. I had to give the password and it failed many times.

If only I had a sibling.

It was also during then that I realize that I actually have a copy of that Gatsby presentation on my computer. On the night before, I actually put two pendrives into my bag, and I actually hesitated whether I should bring the second pendrive because there’s nothing inside that I need.

And the thing is, I told my teammates to upload their PowerPoint to Google Drive, but I did not do it for mine because I was still editing it and it was really late already. EXCUSES.

So then, I actually didn’t need my parents to email me those files at all.I could have used those time to ZzzZZZ because after lunch, when I went to the library “to check my slides” I realized that my other pendrive is MISSING, AGAIN.

So then, I thought and thought and thought and reasoned that I must have left it in Comm Tech class. So I traveled there via the library back door to the North building and intruded on the ongoing class. Thank God I didn’t need to ask the lecturer the whereabouts of my pendrive because the seat that I had occupied a class before is vacant. There was once not long ago, I enquired the whereabouts of my purple Tupperware water bottle.

So by the time I retrieved my pendrive, it was nearly time for the next class. I was quite out of breath, and sleepy.

When I presented, I had a lot of erms and ahhs, pauses and awkward moments, and it wasn’t as great as the day before. My lecturer noticed that and he commented that my pace was faster the day before. He noted that down on paper as well.

I got my score last Wednesday…I think. And I am quite content with it since I did not comment on the Style, or had a section on Character Analysis, and that sorts. I am two marks away from a perfect score. Someone got that.

So yeah, I had been meaning to write about it but I didn’t feel like it though I actually sorta drafted the title some time ago.

I am writing this now because I was suddenly inspired to write about how I can relate with Gatsby or how am I like Gatsby. But I think I’ll be write that later.

12 Years A Slave is waiting for me.


I was occupied during the holidays so I didn’t make the time to sign in to Blackboard; my course’s elearn site. I logged in to the library’s websited though when I found out from Nee that I can renew books online. I didn’t understand what USER BARRED meant then.

It has been two full days with no access to the college’s internet.

I went to the library to renew my book because I couldn’t renew it online; but I couldn’t renew it at the library either. I made my way to the financial centre to find out why. When I went straight to the counter to present my case to the Indian lady because there wasn’t any “customers”, I WAS TOLD TO TAKE A TICKET OUTSIDE. I took the ticket and it was my turn immediately, I was directed to another counter. “Why you didn’t pay the fees?” enquired the Chinese uncle. “What fees?” I asked. “It says here 500.”

It was the OSSLT Prep Course Class I signed up for but decided not to take. I thought if I didn’t attend the initial classes they won’t count me in. I was wrong, and this has caused me some inconvenience. I went to see Ms. M and I didn’t know it’ll take 24 hours for the system to make the changes until I went to the library again today. The book is dued today at 23:59. I would have to pay the fine if I return it late. I could have returned it today but I took the risk…I thought I would be able to sign in tonight.

I went to see Ms. M again today, and found out that she emailed another person in charge at 5 something. What happens if that person left early and put off the work until this morning or afternoon?

T signed in for me using his account during Comm Tech yesterday. I had volunteered to sign in for him once when he had trouble signning in as well.  Today, L signned in for me. Thank God for them.

OSSLT trial is on Friday and I NEED to be able to sign in tomorrow to get to eLearn.

Sunway-ians, don’t simply sign up for stuffs like me. But well, yesterday was the first day of school after 8 days of CNY holidays.

So ma fan