Where Do I Go From Here?

“You’ll see how everything will fall into place, and it will be, beyond your imagination.”

Two North American (N/A) Highschool Diplomas

remembered something: if a person is really that great, time will tell and works will prove itself, he or she does not have to say it. “Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth; an outsider, and not your own lips.” 

I need to learn to keep quiet about my “achievements” or the things I did in school, it might have shown the fool that I am rather than the “intellectual” or “erudite” that I had wanted to appear.


Two North American (N/A) Highschool Diplomas in the 90s and 80s.

Managed to get a good average, because there was no math or science subjects. It starts with a 9-

All my marks from mid terms increased except for the one I never thought would dropped. It dropped, by a large 4%!

Should I continue in Sunway where everything is there? A new much desired campus building with a lot of alone time space, perhaps a job at MBL (My Burger Lab), the MRT! (but my uncle said it won’t be complete that soon), my bed, my room, stress level = maintaining a 75% scholarship, Acts Klang, serving in church, getting to know the people in church more

Should I go to UTAR for a uhmm (i’m not that confident) subject – English? A place where I can learn to be more independent, a haven, an escape, break away, if no scholarship I can probably afford to just pass my subjects.

Should I apply abroad? A lot of people would make a lot of noise, relatives.

If there’s so much I must be,

Can I just be me

The Way I Am

Can I trust in my own heart?

I am a small part of God’s great big plan. 

time is ticking and God will be faithful because many times I have asked God to show and to prove to me His faithfulness and He spoke through Ps. Philip that  He will do so in this season.

I can demand what I want?

I would like to go where You want me to go. My purpose is in You. This life is not about me. You know the times, the future. You hold my future. I can make plans but only Yours shall and will prevail.

Because if it is Your will for me to go abroad, You will still be my provider even if the economy is bad and even if there’s the projected, prophesied or rather, calculated financial crisis “at the dawn” of the third or fourth/final blood moon.

Because going to an elite school does not make me a great student nor does going to a not so elite or prestigious school make me a not successful person.

Oh, Maranatha.

I declare, my soul, that He won’t lead you where He won’t go.


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