the End of the Beginning

I graduated four days ago on the 5th of December 2014!

Yay! Like finally! So what do I do now with two North Amercian High School Diplomas? U.S. and Ontario. It may sound posh, North American High School Diploma but it is NOT! I’m over the conventional age.

I’m way passed the conventional age.



I have a lot of thoughts inside my mind, a lot of disassembling, defragmentation, assembling to be done. I’m not a TJ, that’s the problem here. I’ve learnt a lot, some I would share, some it’s better that I don’t because it’s dangerous to leave footprints in the digital world. That was one of the reasons I stopped writing about my journey in CIMP here, other than there was actually no time to sit down to reflect and write.

We live in a society that praises E and shames I. J is praised while P is discouraged. And so we think the world is more extroverted than it really is, and those who are perceiving feel strange sometimes for not having the traits of a judging person.

A lot of times, TJs excelled excellently in the academics because of the way their thoughts process.

This year’s (this two semester’s) highest average holders are TJs.


My thoughts are like a ball mess of yarn. It’s like singing the alphabet song in this order A-B-M-Z-D-I-L-Q-S….

So, I shall attempt to write them down as they come…

1. I’m now listening to music from the classical music playlist I asked from Mr. Eric on the day prior to graduation. I heard some of them (esp the processional song) during last semester’s graduation and wanted the songs ever since but I forgot about it until Thursday when he was “sound-checking” for a short rehearsal. I was there at the SIS gymnasium hall for choir practice.

2. During the graduation ceremony, one of the hiccup was the choir singing the national anthems before all the graduates came in. How discouraging it must be for them. =(

3. I think I’ll miss my teachers more than friends.

4. I thought about Inception and how in the fantasy world I can immortalize the graduation day and visit that day physically whenever I want. But then again, life is about moving on, revisiting the past will only hurt me. There’s nothing much to hold on to anyways.

5. I need to learn to say my congratulations to people, miss one opportunity and it’s gone forever! because it’ll be awkward to do so. It’s better never than late.

6. I need to learn more to thank the right people. Often, I don’t say my thank you’s to people that matter more and people that have done more for me.

7. Friends. What are friends. I think the problem is me. But what is the problem? There needs to me another post for this.

8. A lot of times, it is good to break away from your usual group of friends to spend some time alone and to spend time with other people.

9. Is there a way to limit the extent of my perception capabilities because it is detrimental to me.

10. What do I want to study? What am I good at? What is God’s plan for my life? (need another post).

11. I need to increase my memory capacity – to store memories of conversations my beloved teachers have with me. I need to learn to look at them more in the eye and take in their words.

12. Two of my favorite teachers are around the same age as the guys in church and homes. =O

13. December is going to be a good month.

14. At one point, I actually thought the brand of laptop one use had a lot to do with academic achievement.

15. The advantage of disadvantage.

16. I didn’t get to take a picture with Vui and Ms. Nancy.

17. If my stomach can store food like some animals – I’d store a lot from the graduation lunch.

18. I actually didn’t want to wear the robe but then… the price of “nice” pictures is high. I didn’t want to wait another 3 years.

19. The whole of last week, except for Friday, I took public transport up to college for choir practice. I am one step more independent now.

20. “Brain size have nothing to do with intelligence.” – Ms. A

21. I need to try Candy Cane ice-cream. The Hersheys one I gave to Mr. Mark is the first one he had for this Christmas season. =D

k, till then


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