Sleep Patterns

What a month.
This morning is different from the others because I am more awake than other previous college mornings. This is because I slept from 8 something yesterday till 11 something with the lights on, then I did some assignments, leftover laundry, had milo and fattening yummy hup seng stress food biscuits, cleared some stuffs off the tables while I (charge) listen to my mp4 on the CD player…until about 3 then I slept again until about 6. (sentence agreement Sher!)

Anyhow…I think I should take a nap when I come back and work at night because I’m a nocturnal animal…there’s this other word for working and studying late at night but nvm.

It has been a different semester…there’s much less introvert time. I have found lunch buddies. And mostly are in their first semester.

Learnt much.
like, if you treat a cheap/not so pleasant looking thing like treasure, it’ll appear like treasure.

I have a teacher that drives me crazy and is the reason for my stress. I also have teachers that are uh-mazingg.

Till then, I have to prepare to attend the urgh teacher’s class. It will be okay today because groups of students will be doing most of the talking. Will be learning a lot.

There was much talk of God yesterday in all my classes. Tangent.

How can one know whether is it a psychology problem or a spiritual problem?

Shervs is my new nickname.
As well as Sher Winnie the Pooh.
Hah. =D


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