4th July

I came anyhow even when there’s only a 1 hour assembly that I was interested in participating. There was no orientation initiation like the 1st semester. Since then I have been in the computer lab…for at least four hours now? It’s unhealthy for my eyes, my butt, and my legs. I tumblr-ed alot and queued a number of posts. 6 pages. 15 posts in each page. Several times, I thought I could stop and perhaps write – but at that moment I would see a quote or a picture in my drafts/queue and remembered some other pictures in drafts/queue that I could connect with. Ah! I’m done for the day for now.

I wish that I won’t feel hungry even if I don’t eat. These days, I feel like the aliens in The Neighbors who fill their alien stomachs just by looking at pictures of food. I don’t feel like eating the foods here…unless they don’t cost much. Little little tid bits would add up to quite a sum of money and before I know it I would have spent close to 10 bucks – something I discovered in the 1st semester.

Saw the new lecturers. Ah! my Habit of recording. Finally saw a talent night video. I took me a while to recognize and know for sure that the song used was Are You Ready? Please, musicians. Come and replace me. I am unworthy.

Jokes by Mr Grandy

Why did the student bring the letter ladder to school?

Because he’s going to high school.

Why did the student throw the watch out the window?

Because he wants to see time fly!


What is the teacher’s favourite nation?


Mr Eric – What is the student’s favourite nation?



After all the teachers introduced themselves, I realize that you can’t judge a book by its cover. (I WILL WORK ON NOT USING CLICHES). I say this because I know enough (not much, but enough) about them. Some may look VERY SERIOUS, but can be the funniest of them all.  Things like that. But they’re all really beautiful people. When I look at the color of their hair, I thought about the YouTube videos that reenact the honest questions Asians, Africans, and Caucasians ask each other.

Oh!omg. Mr ES saw a thread jutting out of my friend’s blouse and he attempted to break it free but he couldn’t. So he took out his what-we-call – “Lighter” and burned the thread off! SO COOOL.


One last joke Mr Peter left out (but told us) before I sign off to check out the Independence Day booths at the energy hub.

What do you call a laughing mayonnaise?



3rd July

Here am I back in college. Study life would resume on Monday. I’m tired because I barely slept. One thing I learnt about myself is that I will need to do things like writing and posting pictures – immediately, if not I might not do it at all.

Student debt. My fees would first be paid by my first (paternal) uncle. Grandfather’s funds. He had stated a few times that he’s looking for someone to manage it and instead of managing it, I’m borrowing from it first.


Now’s 12:46. Lemme go snoop around on the third floor. Then head to the library to sleep.

Con’t (Update – written the next day).

When I went to the third floor, I found that the orientation class I crashed in earlier was empty – I had to jump to look through the window (didn’t want to peep). Right after, I saw the two teachers that were overseeing that class, one was my previous IB teacher the other is a new teacher, a lady. I was a little embarrassed. I asked, “Where’s everybody?”

One of them replied, “Oh they’re in SE 3 14. But they’re doing the EPT so it might be little dry for you…”

I didn’t crash the class……it’d be awkward. =P

Then I wandered about, to check out the location of LT 7 and in the midst of doing so I discovered some spots I did not notice before. Then I went back down to the library to find out the location of the textbook for the social science subject I will be doing.

In the morning, I went in and out of the guidance office – to offer my services (I was asking for this to do for the day but ended up offering my service for the rest of the semester if ever help is needed. This was preceded by a series of events and conversations with a very friendly admin staff whose name I did not know. She ask me to find out myself, for her name appears on the announcements…but later on, she blurted out her name when she was giving me ideas on how to speak to the counselor to offer my services). =D

I came to college for the new intake’s orientation because I wanted to get use to the study life again as well as to spend my time on something more productive…(well,spending time in dreamland is quite productive in its own way though).

I helped a little to stick the name list on the board…(I wonder know who (other than me) read that thing). Then I hung around until Ms L ask me to follow a batch of students up to the third floor. We took the stairs and I did not feel tired (as I normally would) because I met my previous teachers and we had some small talk. Somehow, as we all talked and trailed along, my IB teacher extended the invitation to spend some time in the class.

On a side note: I am writing these because it was said that Einstein and other super smart people write their journal meticulously. Gosh, this is tiring. However, though “Memories are too precious to be forgotten” this is tiring. I’m hungry. But in this next semester, the subjects which I’ve selected are all of the arts/social science. I need to warm up the engine. Ahhhhhh! Thanks, quotes/sayings about writing.

The orientation class was enjoyable. A while ago, I overheard someone talking about the difference between first and second/third semester students. The latter have a sense of ownership – as in we act like the college is our home and we behave freely. However, the freshies’ restrict themselves more.

I hope I wasn’t annoying in that class. I didn’t know there’s a Guangzhou Gwangju (6th largest city in South Korea) near the Southwest Coast of South Korea.

Shanghai Calling!

Ah, the sun has risen and is shooting down its rays on the left part of me.

Till then!

I encounter sentence tense problems frequently.