Fulfilled Whims


Yesterday after choir I had plans to meet my friend for a late lunch who was walking over from a “nearby” university. But I wanted to see one of my lecturers as well. There was a “time clash” because I didn’t want to call him to meet him; and in order for that to happen I can only meet him when we return the keyboard. I didn’t get to meet him previously because of timing.

My friend didn’t turn up at the appointed time. So, I waited for her at the bottom of some flight of stairs – where I could spot her when she arrives and where I could see my choir mates decide to return the keyboard after they’re done watching music videos. I roamed around for quite a bit, went to the toilet, and check on the practice room discreetly (hehehe).

I told God that I really want to see my lecturer (to check whether had he marked my summative –  an assignment which I labored over and handed in late), but the timing is strenuous. I don’t know when my friend would arrive and when my choirmates would be done. I was waiting for a miracle of timing.

While my friend was halfway to my college/uni, I went to the toilet and after that I decided to check on my choirmates again. TADA. They were at the door of the practice room about to leave to return the keyboard.

And so I went to the lecturers’ office and met my lecturer and other lecturers. We got cotton candy from a lecturer =D. Recently, I had this mild craving for cotton candy. Almost everyday after college, I would eye the “coat tree” of pink cotton candies at the petrol station where the bus makes its final stop. Cotton candy was also in the list when I was making up a list of to-dos when going on a date in the future (Deo Volente).

I was told that I did really well for the summative ( I commented that I would be penalize because I handed in late – he said he thinks he factored in already). I couldn’t get it back from it yet because he’s not suppose to return anything before graduation. I’d have to get it the next sem because he won’t be around.)

Orchestrated by You, huh. =)



Note: Usually students will not want this marked assignment back. He was saying that the lecturers used to make notes on them but the students don’t come and take it back and they just accept their graded marks. He usually print them off turn it in and mark from there, but I was among several people who printed a hardcopy (and filed). I wanted him to make notes on mine so that I can do better/know what is expected when/if I have a similar assignment in the future.

Anyways, for a previous assignment, my marks on citation is low because my partner didn’t do her citations properly but I cited everything I could. My other two friends got full marks (which rarely happened).

I’ll see whether I get to ask my lecturer about it when and if I see him later. I’ll see whether I remember or not.


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