I passed the OSSLT! Yay.

I didn’t expect to get the score which I got because of a few reasons; one of it is that it was very much lower than the mock test’s. Then I screen through other people’s scores and I realized that my score is fine; at this point I realize that my score is higher than I expected. I couldn’t remember what I had to write for the opinion essay but I know that I labored over my news report. I was satisfied with my short answer questions (until my IB teacher said that – at this point, NOW- I remembered something –

We can’t *really* compare our results because the test questions ARE NOT ALL THE SAME.

con’t from where I was interrupted by this realization,

I had a short answer question which all my other friends were not asked – if I was to go back in time to witness a historical moment, what would I choose. I was telling my IB classmates/teacher about it. My IB teacher said that it might be a guinea pig question that does not account for any marks.

I guess this is all for this morning. I am sooooo tired (sleepy). I should get going now to have a heavy breakfast for choir practice (which I thought I wasn’t going for). It’ll be from 10 to 2. The most cost efficient food I could eat is chicken rice….but the MSG might cause me to be sleepier. After breakfast, I intend to wait at the rendezvous practice room for the others to go and get the piano (main reason I wanna go along to get the piano – to see my IB teacher to ask whether my summative is marked. I handed in late it will be penalized for it from the 30% of my finals. AH! I hope my results would be no less than a 90. Oh have mercy.

Till then



Update: I found out that the full mark is 400 instead of a 500 that was for the mock. 040614


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