So I was working on this assignment…

Today, I did not sleep before my IB class. Woohoo! Because I was working on some novel analysis thing for my English course which was dued today. After IB I didn’t go and fellowship and eat with my friend and her friends at the canteen because I was working on the assignment. I went for my next class a little later than usual because I was working on the assignment. It’s alright because my lecturer gives about 10 mins grace period. In that class, I was given a new assignment. A MAJOR assignment because I have to make a “How-to video” by myself…I wish I have bros or sis that could assist me in this. I still have no decided what am I going to do. There will be no late submissions and this assignment accounts for 30% of my final grade.

I planned what I was going to eat the day before – Chee Chong Fan. But when I was at the Canteen, there was a booth selling lunch boxes at RM 1 ! That is about USD 0.30. I like vegetarian char siew! but today, I ate the most siao bai chai in a day this year. I bought two boxes. It comes with a bread and a bottle of water too. But i didn’t take the water. Then I had a small serving of Cintan maggie curry noodles. I wanted to take it myself at first when I bought my lunchbox, but I couldn’t carry anymore stuffs. Thank God I was carrying a paper bag with me. But then, a guy came around with the tray of samples!


Then I continue to work on my assignment in the library, it took me a while to finally settle down on a stop. I met my classmate; she also have not finished. She didn’t have lunch. Then my other friend came and was looking at design and pop-up cards books in front of me. Then it was time for English. My lecturer read the whole of Act 4 by himself and I dozed off several times. Then more due dates. I have a collage (by free will) dued on Thursday and I have not even started. I need to plan it out soon.

After class, my lecturer said that I am snoopy. I immediately think of Snoopy and I said I like Snoopy. He said I shouldn’t look at other people’s stuffs, it’s not nice. I said I look at their stuffs to know what is required of me (furthermore they have no problems with it and sometimes I asked for permission first).

Since the start of the study of Much Ado About Nothing, I could not record my English class.

After class, I ate from the other lunch box I bought. Then I went down to the canteen to participate in some “Like us on FB” and you’ll get a voucher and/or Free JustTea. And that was how I got a voucher which I would not spend on and a FreeDrink worth RM 1.60. I didn’t like the page for the latter though, the girl went, “now that I’ve given you….you don’t have to like it.” when I enquired of her. I think if someone else attended to me, I’d have to give some info.

Then I struggled to finish. So I didn’t. Meanwhile, diff small groups of students wanted to use the classroom which we were using and they would ask “Are you having a class?” But since my friend and I are working on an assignment and we need the place to be quiet (the activities they would do are noisy ones) they left on their on intuition. But Soule came in to do his ISU assignment as well.

My friend and I decided to print our assignment at home because it costs 10 cents per paper and she has more than 10 pages and I have about 9. When you print something on both sides, it’s 20 cents. We could turn it in on turnitin and give him the assignment tomorrow. I printed mine in colooorrrr! and on both sides. If I were to print it in college, I would need to spend at least 5 ringgit to top up my ID card. And when would I print my assignment in college again? If I knew earlier that this assignment is not an in-class thing I would’ve done it earlier. This is the first time I am this last minute.

I tried to work on the same assignment in the bus but it was too bumpy and I was tired and there was no jam. I called my mom and I found out that she would be late. So I work on the assignment on the hot and roll stall’s (table/ whatever you call that). I finished at around 7.30 and had some time to check through some parts.

The battery went out so I packed my laptop. RIGHT AFTER THAT, my mom appeared.

Yay, God!


this week’s holiday is no holiday. It’d be all about ASSIGNMENTS. urgh. and studying for FINALS


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