#SherWyn Adventures

Here I am now in my campus at 7:53 in the morning – this is quite a miracle. Can a miracle be quite a miracle? 

I seated myself at a different place than where I would normally be. At around this time, I would be in my class, waking up from a short nap as the other students and my lecturer comes in. This is the first time in 4 full months that I sat at the new stretch of veranda by the cafeteria, slowly enjoying a 2 ringgit milo and a 1.50 banana muffin, they taste good…because they are worth more than a 3.50 experience.

My 8 o’clock International Business class is cancelled because my lecturer need to interview his Business Management class students; a mock interview.

It has been a eventful breaking of dawn. I woke up at around 5:35 but I went back to sleep and I dreamt about me, a cousin, a cousin, a baby, a maid in a dodgy place with a staircase that have no bottom…then a blue cushion chair appeared and saved the day. 6:15. Symphony the female dog refused to go into her cage. She is not trained though she has been with the family for a few years now. One would need to lure her back into her cage with chicken or pork bones. I was rescheduling the plans I have for the day and was preparing my mind to get to college at around 9 something 10. My next class will not start until 10.40 and it’s okay even if I don’t attend it because it would be a free period to continue editing our portfolio account. I was also thinking about English class, I doubt that we’re going to continue with the Shakespeare play because today is the last day of college for the week. I was preparing my mind to finish and print out my assignment before going to college. 6:25, 6:30 She finally went in, I didn’t know until later. Grandma asks us to let the dog be and just drive away, even if it meant that the dog might get herself pregnant. Mom asked to get her car keys, but her car’s headlights is on and she came and went without her car keys. I went back in to the house to get in. It was on the table.Mother said to try and see whether can we catch the bus. While we were on the way, I called my friend….or so I thought. I accidentally (SERIOUSLY) called the person that fetches her to school. When I realized, the call had already went through. I know this because she called back and she must have thought that I am one of those ppl that missed-call others to save money…and that…nvm. I called my friend, she didn’t pick up. She called back later….when we saw that the bus was infront of us…mom then drove faster to get ahead. The bus had two stops. The driver needs to make a U-turn to get to the next stop. So that was how I caught up with the bus…sometimes the bus arrives and leaves early…sometimes it doesn’t. And I thank God that this time, it’s the latter scenario. And if I am able to catch the bus for the next 12 or 13 days, then Lord I just pray God in this season, she’ll never think that she’ll be late O God, she’s always on time O God, Father. Because You’re never late O God Father…” would be proven more than true for this semester.


#SherWyn Adventures because my friend, K, used that to reply me whenever I told her of my experience of le day.


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