The Final Rehearsal

I am now at the final rehearsal.

After the first song, I have a loooonng break. I don’t have to play for the next six songs.

It is Yahweh that have brought me this far and He is also the one that have enabled me. At one point I was really stressed -it was near that time of the month – I was overwhelmed with emotions and negativity . I thank God that He gave me good girlfriends who were patient enough to counsel, advice and bring me back to track.

As I have stated in one of my earlier posts, being in an orchestra is a dream that I never thought would come to past. And at this point in life, I come to recognize that my God works in ways I can’t fathom. He is more prone to giving me things I never thought I would obtain – this iPad, my college education, and this orchestra.

And yes, like _______ states, that His plans is better than my own. And if I were to restrain myself, it would be because I am afraid… That the waters would be too deep for me to walk. This is where I would need to learn to trust…and it’s not easy.

P.s. my audio post Oceansin tumblr have been receiving hundreds and hundreds of reblogs recently. It’ll be INFP of me to link this to God trying to convey a message to me. I should give the song a listen later. Hmmm

Through this orchestra, I’ve come to learn to love the brass family. When I was learning the theory of music, I didn’t fancy the brass and woodwind family because of ignorance. Now I really like it….after being situated behind them for all the practices and interacted with them. The french horn, trombone, trumpets, all sound really grand in their own way. Oh how I yearn for eternity. How I wished I know of all these earlier…but I must be thankful that I have this golden privilege and opportunity. It’s not too late yet! I just have to be determined and overcome the brick walls that Randy Pasch talks about in his book, The Last Lecture.

However, the time is short and I need to be focused…I need to do what I need to do. I want to do many things, but time is short. And I believe that unless the Lord giveth, I would be striving in vain.

Thank You Yahweh for showing Your goodness, mercy, faithfulness, and love to someone undeserving like me. Thank You for speaking good things into my life and thank You for Your words of encouragement and knowledge.

#Good to me song

I am going to miss this when it’s over. Such rare privilege! What can I do to cherish these moments to its fullest? Life goes on.

I should start by signing off. =D

Thank You again, Yahweh.


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