Thank YOU

Last week had been the crazy week…it was the most overwhelming week I can remember in the history of me in college.

A quiz on (last) Friday, an assignment dued, duties cell group……at the same time was really bothered by some comments that mother made, and there was the rehearsal on Sunday night, and the real show in a week’s time.

I felt really helpless…just thinking about it. The problem was with the thinking about it and the emotions that came with it. pms

I think it was before English class on Thursday, I was in the library (i think)…the only thing I remember was me resting my head on my arms on the table, closing my eyes, crying out, “Help me, help me God. Help me.”

(I need to learn to be more descriptive)

Then the lecturer told us that the assignment is postponed – I was so stressed on those days that I forgot the word postponed. So now the assignment would be dued on Wednesday. What a relief!

Last last sunday, the youth were told that there would be no youth service for the rest of the month! It is a relief because I was on duty and I couldn’t ask anyone to replace me because I didn’t want to bother my friends, they have assignments and a lot of things going on too and if they were to replace me, I won’t be able to replace them soon. Some of them are playing two instruments, so if they were to replace me….they won’t have a break. And if there is no youth service…they won’t be cell on Good Friday. Ok, where’s the logic. But yeah.

The musical is this weekend and I want to be as stress free as possible.

To ease of the stress, I bought and ate my favorite foods. Seaweed! and tried Za Jiang Mien. I went to the mall, which is right beside the campus, and ate the nitrogen ice cream on discount and try new cheap foods and look at groceries.

My friends also tried to speak sense into my mind. Thanks, girls. =D


After I cried out, Help me, Help me. God, please help me…one thing after another came crumbling down and I felt more liberated. I also divine appointment-ly came across songs that spoke for me and spoke to me. Thank You, Yahweh.


Received my mid-terms result, English has the lowest mark yet. UGH, essays. I am thankful that I have quite a lot of freedom with my independent assignment. I could voice my faith and what I believe in more freely because my lecturer is a Catholic or an Anglican….I’ve forgotten. He told me in a story format. HAh

Enquired about the degree. Is it really what You want for me? You will reveal to me in Your time. 8 months.

Library is giving away books this Friday.


Tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday. I’d have to take the bus….Oh God, protect me. and, enable me. Please.



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