I know I have been MIA in the world of writing my thoughts and days down.

I have been caught up with many things and when I mean to write, I won’t feel like penning it down. 

Maybe it’s just a phase. It’s not writer’s block.

I reckon, after some present introspection, that I sorta live on my feelings. So if I don’t feel like writing and I have the choice to do so, I won’t.

Other thing is that a lot of college stories that I have have to do with people. The people that I meet, converse with, and etc. I don’t want to write about them here because blogposts are usually a google search away. But I do have stories that just involve mostly myself.

I do think about writing here daily…I just don’t feel like doing so.

Maybe it’s because it’s very revealing. And I don’t want to reveal myself. Because people can read what I wrote and know about me without conversing with me. The main issue is that I don’t want my future life partner to know my likes and dislikes by reading about it, I want people to make the discovery themselves.

The difference between, “I read about it in your blog. /You posted about it once. /etc” and “I know because I am observant.”

this reminded me of a time years back when I ask a friend over MSN what does observant mean because, I think, someone (either his friend or he) made a comment about me being observant or someone else being observant. The comment was made at the burger joint at the fellowship hall during a fundraising event on a Sunday.

Okay, maybe I am considerably observant myself…maybe it’s also because movies and book have contributed to and influenced my perception of people.

Choosing my words with care here.

I don’t know.

I shall try to write whenever possible.

I am on a study break now… for a week. So many tests after this.

Gah, assignments.

I want this to be over.


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