For the past few weeks, I was reading plays. It started of with Everything But the Brain by Jean Tay; the book/chose me. When I was reading it I could feel chills crawling from my shoulders to my hands or from my back to my shoulders. I meant to write about this episode of my life in January but I have been putting it off. Why am I writing in flowery language?  Anyhow, during Chinese New Year, I borrowed 2 more books (5 plays) but they weren’t my cup of tea.

Then, I briefly read about the Jewish significance of the year 2014 and how opportunities that were denied before will present themselves this year (it’s vital that I make the right decisions – would I accept it, or welcome it, as they relate very closely to my destiny), and I also remember my mother’s cell group leader once spoke words of encouragement during an overnight prayer meeting on a yacht on the brown waters of the Royal Selangor Yacht Club that I will have many opportunities and I will know that they are from Him. Then, Sherrene asked me whether I can I play for the Resurrection Sunday Production.

I said yes after I know that the practice times won’t clash. The person in charge is so renown for me that I feel inept. He called me today when I was in the library. He asked me what is my music background. I am very well aware that they are many others who can play better than me, because it’s the obvious, but there should be a reason that I was the one approached…uh, Owen Meany. I had to say pardon? many times because he spoke quite fast and I couldn’t really hear him; my phone! It’s something like my English lecturer, hahah.

And so, I have just finished downloading all the files (music, scores, and SCRIPT!) 

It’s late and I only have several hours of sleep left so I only glanced through the first few pages. Lo, it’s a play alright! *chuckles. God’s sense of humor.

It’s about WWII (according to some of my friends, that’s like one of my fav topics). But it’s set here in Malaysia. I remember Joy posted on a FB group last year about a small production (I think the theme is similar).

I think I will be moved by this play, I hope my brain will gather what I read and signal to my body to send chills all over me. It’s local. It’ll be very personal, because it could or/and may have happened to my grandparents or parents.

Till then.

My recent rekindled interest in plays began last year when I was involved with the Christmas Production. Prior to this, I was involved in my school’s dramas (as the narrator) years back.


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