I was occupied during the holidays so I didn’t make the time to sign in to Blackboard; my course’s elearn site. I logged in to the library’s websited though when I found out from Nee that I can renew books online. I didn’t understand what USER BARRED meant then.

It has been two full days with no access to the college’s internet.

I went to the library to renew my book because I couldn’t renew it online; but I couldn’t renew it at the library either. I made my way to the financial centre to find out why. When I went straight to the counter to present my case to the Indian lady because there wasn’t any “customers”, I WAS TOLD TO TAKE A TICKET OUTSIDE. I took the ticket and it was my turn immediately, I was directed to another counter. “Why you didn’t pay the fees?” enquired the Chinese uncle. “What fees?” I asked. “It says here 500.”

It was the OSSLT Prep Course Class I signed up for but decided not to take. I thought if I didn’t attend the initial classes they won’t count me in. I was wrong, and this has caused me some inconvenience. I went to see Ms. M and I didn’t know it’ll take 24 hours for the system to make the changes until I went to the library again today. The book is dued today at 23:59. I would have to pay the fine if I return it late. I could have returned it today but I took the risk…I thought I would be able to sign in tonight.

I went to see Ms. M again today, and found out that she emailed another person in charge at 5 something. What happens if that person left early and put off the work until this morning or afternoon?

T signed in for me using his account during Comm Tech yesterday. I had volunteered to sign in for him once when he had trouble signning in as well.  Today, L signned in for me. Thank God for them.

OSSLT trial is on Friday and I NEED to be able to sign in tomorrow to get to eLearn.

Sunway-ians, don’t simply sign up for stuffs like me. But well, yesterday was the first day of school after 8 days of CNY holidays.

So ma fan


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