So I didn’t make it for the Secretary/Tresurer position. But, the two other girls that went for the interview got it. So, actually, one person’s job is now two person’s job.

It’s good and bad news for me.

When I went for the second interview, I didn’t care if I don’t get it. I didn’t want it.

Because I was taking on other “responsibilities”  and etc

So it’s good for me that I didn’t get it.


It’s bad because it means that I may be lacking because now one person’s job is now two persons’ job. Which means that they’re that good. But… I am the only first semester student among the 3 of us.



I was occupied during the holidays so I didn’t make the time to sign in to Blackboard; my course’s elearn site. I logged in to the library’s websited though when I found out from Nee that I can renew books online. I didn’t understand what USER BARRED meant then.

It has been two full days with no access to the college’s internet.

I went to the library to renew my book because I couldn’t renew it online; but I couldn’t renew it at the library either. I made my way to the financial centre to find out why. When I went straight to the counter to present my case to the Indian lady because there wasn’t any “customers”, I WAS TOLD TO TAKE A TICKET OUTSIDE. I took the ticket and it was my turn immediately, I was directed to another counter. “Why you didn’t pay the fees?” enquired the Chinese uncle. “What fees?” I asked. “It says here 500.”

It was the OSSLT Prep Course Class I signed up for but decided not to take. I thought if I didn’t attend the initial classes they won’t count me in. I was wrong, and this has caused me some inconvenience. I went to see Ms. M and I didn’t know it’ll take 24 hours for the system to make the changes until I went to the library again today. The book is dued today at 23:59. I would have to pay the fine if I return it late. I could have returned it today but I took the risk…I thought I would be able to sign in tonight.

I went to see Ms. M again today, and found out that she emailed another person in charge at 5 something. What happens if that person left early and put off the work until this morning or afternoon?

T signed in for me using his account during Comm Tech yesterday. I had volunteered to sign in for him once when he had trouble signning in as well.  Today, L signned in for me. Thank God for them.

OSSLT trial is on Friday and I NEED to be able to sign in tomorrow to get to eLearn.

Sunway-ians, don’t simply sign up for stuffs like me. But well, yesterday was the first day of school after 8 days of CNY holidays.

So ma fan


Saw the scores just now and I’m ……

im goanna dai


2nd Keyboard looks the easiest (after a brief scan through). It has the least part.


You bring this to me…pls, I don’t want to be a disappointment. Through You, I can do it.



with those bags of marbles.

There’s the OSSLT….

there were many instances where children of God served and invested a lot of their time into the kingdom and they did really well. Yes, Swee. I rmb the gist of what you told us (the youth) that Sunday morning. 

Needa message Sherrene.

I hope my student account will come to life again tomorrow after the “technical error”.



For the past few weeks, I was reading plays. It started of with Everything But the Brain by Jean Tay; the book/chose me. When I was reading it I could feel chills crawling from my shoulders to my hands or from my back to my shoulders. I meant to write about this episode of my life in January but I have been putting it off. Why am I writing in flowery language?  Anyhow, during Chinese New Year, I borrowed 2 more books (5 plays) but they weren’t my cup of tea.

Then, I briefly read about the Jewish significance of the year 2014 and how opportunities that were denied before will present themselves this year (it’s vital that I make the right decisions – would I accept it, or welcome it, as they relate very closely to my destiny), and I also remember my mother’s cell group leader once spoke words of encouragement during an overnight prayer meeting on a yacht on the brown waters of the Royal Selangor Yacht Club that I will have many opportunities and I will know that they are from Him. Then, Sherrene asked me whether I can I play for the Resurrection Sunday Production.

I said yes after I know that the practice times won’t clash. The person in charge is so renown for me that I feel inept. He called me today when I was in the library. He asked me what is my music background. I am very well aware that they are many others who can play better than me, because it’s the obvious, but there should be a reason that I was the one approached…uh, Owen Meany. I had to say pardon? many times because he spoke quite fast and I couldn’t really hear him; my phone! It’s something like my English lecturer, hahah.

And so, I have just finished downloading all the files (music, scores, and SCRIPT!) 

It’s late and I only have several hours of sleep left so I only glanced through the first few pages. Lo, it’s a play alright! *chuckles. God’s sense of humor.

It’s about WWII (according to some of my friends, that’s like one of my fav topics). But it’s set here in Malaysia. I remember Joy posted on a FB group last year about a small production (I think the theme is similar).

I think I will be moved by this play, I hope my brain will gather what I read and signal to my body to send chills all over me. It’s local. It’ll be very personal, because it could or/and may have happened to my grandparents or parents.

Till then.

My recent rekindled interest in plays began last year when I was involved with the Christmas Production. Prior to this, I was involved in my school’s dramas (as the narrator) years back.