This Just In

Heeyyloo there! Sry for not blogging for 16 days, I was caught up with a lot of things and did not feel like writing even though I have a lot of stories to tell. Next week is a holiday and I am more settled now. I have been meaning to write, but I was waiting to feel like writing. So, this just in. This shall be the post to get the ball rolling again.


Here’s the background story:

Some days ago, I wanted to go to the North West building for my Comm Tech class via the library because I think I went through that route before. I asked the man at the library desk, he told me that it’s possible. Go straight and turn right. So I did, and I ended up at the North East building. Melodious sounds welcomed me, I looked around me, trying to find the source. It took a while for me to realize that someone was playing a piano on the lower floor. I didn’t expect that a piano would be placed near a study area. Am I at the right place? I remember seeing orange patio umbrellas at the study area, but there’s none here. There should be computer labs, why are there only classrooms? I made my way downstairs to get a better view of who is on the piano – it was a boy wearing a yellow shirt. I called him a boy because he seems much younger than me. I didn’t get to see his face and I will only know him as the boy with the yellow shirt until I get to know who is he…somehow. 

After lingering for a short while, I went back up to the library and asked another man at the IT desk how should I go to the west building. (The North building is connected to the library.) He took out his map and jabber some stuffs about our current location and pointed at the map and said that that’s the west side. Thinking about it now, I didn’t get what he told me. I thought about the east and the west and how the campus is built. I decided to take the long cut – go back down to the ground floor (the library is at the 3rd floor) and walk to the financial centre and take one flight of stairs up. I made it just in time.

TODAY after my Comm Tech class, I somehow decided to try again. I shall credit it the Holy Spirit within me. I saw people walking through the hallways so I decided to try again. I walked across the study area and looked up at the navigation signboards; and lo, it said something like EAST GARDEN. I walked through the hallways of the IEP offices, the doors of the hallways were opened, I think it wasn’t opened before. Hmmmmm…doors, hallways… 

True enough, orange patio umbrellas welcomed me. I walked across again and saw the piano below.


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