I have a lot to tell, and I’m trying to make time to write; but I was caught up with other duties.

However, I can do this one important post now.

Tomorrow will be the first day of my second week. It will be quite a day because I will have a lot to do. I changed my schedule again on Friday (that itself is a testimony! which I will soon tell you.

Tomorrow, I will have TWO NEW CLASSES: Commuications Technology  and ENG4U. 

The lecturer for my ENG4U will be the person whom J highly recommended. I think it’s for the better that I dropped the Writer’s Craft this semester.

more on this later.

Two new classes. Oh God, help me to handle it. Go before me.

I have to meet someone to buy the Internationa Business Fundamentals Book. I think I could have gotten a lower price; I don’t really know how to negotiate, and I don’t want to appear calculative and impulsive. I should have scrolled down somemore before messaging her. She posted twice. The first time she posted, she said the price is 50 and it’s negotiable. The next time she posted she said it’s 60 and it’s negotiable. I saw the 60 one and messaged her whether can I get it for 50. She is selling it with her notes. If I buy the original, it’s RM 250. Secondhand, about RM 150. There are about 373 pages. So if I photocopied myself, it’ll amount to about 40, excluding time and petrol spent. So let’s say it’s 40, the other 10 would be for her notes. But I don’t know the condition of her book. But she is a girl. So it should be alright, generally. It’s just the thought that I can get it for less than 50. Then I think to myself, do to others what you would have them do to you. I think I’d lke a photocopied version because it’ll be easier to highlight on rather than on the very nice paper that was used on the original book.

I need to get A4 line paper before the English class. I was peeping through his class the other day and it need it for his class, unlike other classes. Do I really need to bring a hardcopy dictionary? I shall bring the pocket one tomorrow.

I need to walk to Harvest church tomorrow to get my Awards Night photos. I hope it won’t be a very long walk as my friend said it will be. My previous classmates would frequent Rock Cafe, so it should be alright.

I finished my application for the Secretary/Treasurer position. My buddy added her touch while proofreading it for me. journalist-to-be. Deo Volente. If it is Your will, then so be it. If it’s not, it’s okay.


Till then. There’s a holiday on Tuesday.

I though I could write on Monday after my classes but I can’t. =(


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