I changed my schedule. I decided to drop Communications Technology because it was right after my other class and will be held in another building. So, I changed it to Period 1 International Business because I would arrive at 7:30am but have no classes till 10:40am.

Which means that I cannot afford to miss the bus. I have a class at 8am. Attendance is a very important component. Each course has 110 hours of scheduled instruction…..If you are missing classes, you are missing the opportunities for success.

This year is different. Previously, I’m prone to being late because there was no bus to catch. Attendance does not matter. I can decide not to go to school because I’m tired. I can take my own time doing tests. But not anymore. Welcome to reality. Welcome to college life. I’ll get use to this.

So much so for liking to document stuffs, I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of my previous schedules…


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