The day started off with Mr. John Mackle welcoming us with a brief introduction, then, the lecturers introduced themselves. It was pleasant. I was there early. I made friends with the girl sitting next to (a couple of feet away from) me only when the “assembly” was about to start. We went out for lunch! after the library tour.

I need to read my Language Arts books again. I need to pay more attention and not zone out when information about student privileges and services are given out.

Our orientation’s treasure hunt could have been better. The task that they gave us are more applicable for seasoned students and not “freshies” like us. Anyhow, it gave me the opportunity to meet a few more people as we trail behind…

My pen cover went missing after it was used during the treasure hunt. Normal.

Went to the mall. I have this tendency to look at things really long. I went to the “Vintage” booth selling charms, bracelets, shirts, and the like and I gazed upon their beauty. At least I bought a charm – a charm that I was surprised  that they are even selling. I’ll go back for their mockingjay and another bigger sized mockingjay when the stock arrives and when I have more money. Went to the Canon store and got to experience the “do not judge a book by its cover” saying. I need to stop going to the Canon store just to ask stuffs. I had read about the 100D in a magazine I was read when I cut my hair, so I went to check it out. A salesperson wearing a Canon compact camera advertisement t-shirt approached me and I enquired of him about DSLRs. He was really goood. He surprised me. I asked him a lot of questions and he really know his stuffs. (I told him that I’m just “asking only”)

Then I checked out the printers, and he had to ask the Chinese guy to attend to my queries. I was checking out the printers and asking about the price and all that, but when I asked for the price of a white printer that was on the same display table, the Chinese guy got irritated. He said that the white printer is VERY EXPENSIVE (it looked cheap to me, cheaper than the rest of the printers) and that since I wanted a printer below RM300, he didn’t recommend that to me. I said that I’m just asking. Then he walked away and sat down behind the other display counter.

Then I saw another printer, the nice salesperson was still standing by me. That printer is newer AND cheaper. How puzzling. Most probably they didn’t update the price. When I left, I thank the nice person for his time and I sorta glared at the Chinese guy. He must be swearing inside him in Cantonese.

Maybe I am too much. But come on, it’s not as if there’s other customers in the store. And it’s good to practice telling people about the products you’re selling. Dog eyes, perhaps. Maybe this is also why I find the majority  in NS SO MUCH MORE friendly and less intimidating than my own race.

Then I went to Cold Storage and placed my heavy belongings on the basket trolley like those in the POPULAR BOOK FAIR and attempted to look for some Buy 1 Free 1 stuffs or some Jeally Beans. Came across some Korean guys.

Checked out the Korean Won on the currency exchange and now, it’s 3.18.

It was about 2.7 in Jan 2011.

Malaysia, Malaysia

It took a while to navigate back to where I was supposed to wait for my bus. Wanted Wifi so I went to J Co donuts and was attracted but the “feeling blue>” donut. After tax it’s 2.65. Couldn’t access J Co’s wifi (didn’t know the password), but I could access Sunway Pyramid’s Free Wifi – didn’t know that exist; then I messaged my friends to ask more questions.

The bus came late. It was raining. There’s this guy that reminded me of Graham. I had to call Renee to ask her where does the bus wait again even though she have already told me a lot of times. Next time, if I want to use the umbrella, I have to use it fully and not make it worst for other people.

Didn’t know there are two stops as well when the bus shuttle us back. Made another friend by asking. =D

My feet were really sore at night. The magical Gua Hua.



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