6th January 2014

Woke up at around 5 something.

The bus came at around 6:38am. I doubt they do a head count of the student. If I’m late, I’d miss the bus. If I come at 6:40am but the bus leaves at 6:35am too bad for me.

The traffic congestion reminded me of a video I took through the microscope’s lense during the science field trip last year – blood congestion…

I think it’s a fascinating sight, on one side the lights are red, on the other side the lights are orange.

It wasn’t what I had imagined it to be.

The Sunway App proved to be helpful. I shall be using that to navigate next time.

I recorded the energetic Student’s Services’ Terry’s presentation. He reminded me of one of my previous classmates.

I messaged D in the morning (he told me to when I join) but he didn’t reply. Meh.

The Literacy Test was okay. Most of the objective questions concern the parts of speech. There was also some tricky questions, I had to choose the more sensible one out of the two possible answers. Basically, there are two tests, one objective, the other an essay (400-500 words)

There were 100 questions for the objective test. 4 passages with 25 blanks each. One will need to choose the right words given on the left.

I have never taken any official tests like this.

I was slow at the beginning because I placed my answer sheet on my left while using my right hand to darken (not shade) the answer. It was awkward for my shoulders.

Essay. It has been….a really long time since I wrote an essay with a mech. pencil.

Mr. Lawrence W took over our class of 8 people –  the 8 people who registered late. Some of them registered yesterday.

It has been… a really long time since I wrote a proper essay. Even though it was a topic that I could handle, one hour was just sufficient. I took a really long time to finish writing my first paragraph and to begin with a second paragraph. I still have the habit of not doing an outline. If it was typing, maybe…I’ll finish faster. The other students should have taken tests like this before. O levels- school exams. I don’t have to write an essay for my LPT or STs.

I hope I didn’t go off topic too much. The topic sentences should agree. My conclusion is not very much in agreement with my thesis statement. I said that I’m for – being cooperative and getting along well with others best prepare one for life…BECAUSE it’s foundational to a more meaningful life or something like that.

I talked about what my mother always tell me about character and academics, about my experience of it when I was in Singapore. About what Arun said about IQs and EQs. About how short our life is. About eulogies and it’s our action that touch others. I think I’m quite a hypocrite. And on a side note, Mitch Albom’s Tuesday With Morrie. I think I didn’t punctuate the title of the book. I used quotation marks at least twice. My conclusion was that it’s the best if a person have both.

I didn’t know whether I should contrast it with the competitiveness one. Oh. I said that life is not about the survival of the fitest or the last man standing.

I brought two notebooks that contained Language Arts notes. I chose not to contrast it because of this segment that I read but vaguely remember when I was writing…

A good topic sentence is the expression of a philosophy. It is controversial. What is the point of proving something on which everyone agrees?

I hope I didn’t fail badly at this – “Paragraph unity depends on the consistent support of the topic sentence by every sentence in the paragraph.”

I  was the last person to finish the essay and leave the room. Mr. Lawrence was standing in front of me even though I have 3 minutes left. He reminds me of Uncle James. His demeanor, his voice. Uncle James teach Add Math. Mr. Lawrence – Advance Functions. I asked about the Writer’s Craft during one of the Q&A sessions, so when I was passing my essay to him he implied that he knows I’m aiming for the ENG4U. He assured me that if I did not make it for the University level, I could go to the Uni level if during ENG4C I prove my worth. The thing is that it’ll be shameful that a person who finished Grade 12 US Language Arts can’t make it for 4U and my age. Nana advised me seriously that self pity has no place in this mad world. 

Course briefing. 4th floor. So hard to navigate. Got to see the rooftop I wanted to. The campus is like a pyramid, like a maze. So many corners so many rooms. Accents. I am quite. If I made it to ENG4U, I’ll join the Echo Newsletter group. Writing. Photographs. Should I ask about it first? I’ll see if I’m lively enough to explore the campus. Still out of place. I’ll know whether I made it or not on Wednesday.

So many business, engineering students. Who will my classmates be?

oh God, thy will be done. Take charge. It’s beyond human control.

p.s. I don’t usually write like this. Fragmented.

I followed Renee back! She came from Monash to look for her prev. Econs lecturer. My mom called me like 4 times when I’m in the LT 7. Thank God I was looking for the bus route paper and placed my bag on the table and saw the my phone was ringing. Thank God I brought the bag that I brought. I went back at around 4. If I had followed the bus, I’d have gone home at around 6.

It was raining.

I saw G and JM and SF’s sister and SC.

This is only the beginning. Take heart!

It’s so sad to see the students board and leave the bus without acknowledging the bus driver.

Till then.

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. 

p.s. If I didn’t mis-hear, Sunway University will be renamed the Jeffrey Cheah Univerity in honor for his contributions. Sunway Education Group is not public listed (unlike the school in the Heirs) and there are no shareholders. The revenue goes to the JC Foundation. R said that this is the reason why it’s easy to get scholarship.

And R also said that the roads around the campuses are also his contribution.


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